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We have issued a press release on our business partnership with Airbnb.

  • We have issued a press release on our business partnership with Airbnb.

We have issued a press release on our business partnership with Airbnb.

This is to inform you that we issued the following press release at 13:30 on March 13th, 2018.

Stay at a temple! A business partnership between WAQOO of “TERAHAKU” and Airbnb
Promoting cultural experiences at temples and shrines to the world!
— It has been decided that Mii-dera (Onjō-ji), a famous temple overlooking Lake Biwa, will also participate in “TERAHAKU” —

WAQOO Co., Ltd. (Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture; Representative: Shinobu Tashiro) has concluded a memorandum regarding a business partnership with Airbnb Japan Co., Ltd. (Head office: San Francisco, California, USA ; Hereinafter referred to as “Airbnb”) upon the commencement of services of “TERAHAKU,” which provides temples and shrines across the country as lodging and workshop facilities. Moving forward, we plan to collaborate with a focus on jointly developing services relating to using the Airbnb platform and operating lodging facilities that use temples and shrines under the theme of temple and shrine culture.

In addition, Mii-dera (Onjō-ji, head temple for the Tendaijimon sect), a famous temple overlooking Lake Biwa and one of the three main temples of the Japanese Tendai sect, has decided to participate in TERAHAKU upon commencement of services (http://en.terahaku). We will continue to uncover and promote charming TERAHAKU experiences all across Japan using our knowledge of facility operation and how to attract travelers from both inside and outside of Japan.

(WAQOO「TERAHAKU」×Airbnb Business Partnership Conceptual Diagram)

■Background of this business partnership

As announced on June 7th, 2017, we plan to open up TERAHAKU (http://en.terahaku.jp) services to the public in June 2018, when the New Private Lodging Act is to be enacted. These services, marketed to domestic travelers, will enable users to search for and book temples across the country that offer lodging using smartphones and personal computers.

These services will provide a new type of cultural lodging experience and is specifically designed to utilize the existing cultural facilities of temples and shrines. We aim to aid in advertising the charms of regions across the country centered on temples and shrines (mainly temples, of which there are approximately 77,000 nationwide), promoting exchange, invigorating local communities as well as regional revitalization.

Now, we have entered into a business partnership with Airbnb that is based on utilization of their platform in order to get even more people to experience the high-quality charms of Japanese temple and shrine culture by promoting not only to domestic guests but inbound guests as well and to improve our level of contribution to regional revitalization.

Airbnb is a global-scale travel platform used by a sum total of more than 30 million guests. Airbnb’s setup is convenient enough to be usable by people all over the world, widely recognized, and enables guests to enjoy workshops, experiences and other contents, and we believe that this setup is optimal for both domestic and overseas tourists who desire to stay at a temple or shrine and have unique, extraordinary experiences.

Likewise, making use of the various areas of knowledge and networks relating to facility operation possessed by Airbnb will enable us to provide domestic and overseas guests with smooth, safe, reliable accommodations and cultural experiences.

In addition, upon commencement of TERAHAKU services, we plan to open up to the public facilities for accommodating pilgrims by making use of sub-temple located within the precincts of Mii-dera (Onjō-ji). Mii-dera possesses spacious grounds, approximately 1,157,000m2 in total area, located on the slope of Mt. Nagarayama overlooking Lake Biwa to the East. And as this is also a famous temple known as the location of the “Miidera Evening Bell,” one of the eight views of Omi, we feel that a wide variety of visitors, both domestic and from overseas, will enjoy the facility.

In the future, not only will it be possible to book temples participating in TERAHAKU through both TERAHAKU and Airbnb, the extraordinary experience of staying at a temple, a historical and cultural facility, will also become easier and more familiar to both domestic and overseas travelers. This will surely provide perfect opportunities to deeply yet leisurely come into contact with Japanese culture, including viewing main halls and Buddhist images located within temples, gardens, the natural environment and landscapes throughout the seasons, participating in a variety of training workshops and cultural experiences, conversing and interacting with priests and local residents, and visiting famous nearby historic spots and local charms. 。

■ Overview of “Stay at a temple! ‘TERAHAKU’”

[Commencement of lodging services] Schedules for June 2018

[URL] http://en.terahaku.jp

[Purpose of website] To be a site that enables users to search for and book temples across the country that offer lodging

■ What Mii-dera (Onjō-ji) expects from TERAHAKU.

“We hope that, through implementing and enabling a variety of workshops and experiences, TERAHAKU will become a new opportunity for people to come into contact with the history and culture of our temple, which is 1,300 years old. The center of Otsu City was one of the 53 post-towns of Tokaido, and the area prospered as a port town thanks to shipping on Lake Biwa. At our temple, we intend to focus on becoming a hub displaying the latent power of that rich, highly-refined culture.” (Head Steward Toshihiko Fuke)

■ Airbnb

Airbnb, established in 2008, is a global community that provides magical travel experiences from start to finish, including where you stay at your destination, what you do and who you meet. By making effective use of technology, Airbnb also supports millions of people around the world in becoming entrepreneurs in the field of hospitality by turning their unused space, personal passion and skills into income sources. Using the Airbnb marketplace, it is possible to use unique lodging destinations in cities located in more than 191 countries around the world, from apartments and villas through to castles, tree-houses and bed-and-breakfasts. It is also possible to come into contact with new, never-before-experienced aspects of destinations through unique and original Airbnb experiences provided by locals. In some cities, Resy, with whom it is partnered, is able to introduce popular local restaurants. It is easy to use all of these services through the well-designed Airbnb website and app.

(*) The name Airbnb as well as the logo are registered trademarks and brands owned by Airbnb, Inc


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