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We have announced sales cooperation with Booking.com!

  • We have announced sales cooperation with Booking.com!

We have announced sales cooperation with Booking.com!

Stay at a temple!
WAQOO’s “TERAHAKU” and Booking.com announce cooperative sales.
— Advertising to the world the unique Japanese experience of lodging at a temple guest house —

WAQOO Co., Ltd. and Booking.com Japan Co., Ltd., the Japanese branch of Booking.com, the largest online accommodation booking site in the world (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Adam Brownstein; Hereinafter referred to as “Booking.com”), announce that we have formed a sales partnership upon the commencement of services of “TERAHAKU,” which provides temples and shrines operated by WAQOO as lodging and workshop facilities.
Approximately 100 facilities prepared for “TERAHAKU,” which WAQOO commenced services for on July 18th, will be listed on Booking.com at all times. This enables travelers from around the world to have a very unique lodging experience in Japan. In the future, our goal is to register “TERAHAKU” facilities at approximately 1,000 temples and shrines over the next three years in cooperation with Booking.com.

Booking.com, which has agreed to a partnership, provides its hundreds of millions of users all over the world with a broad range of lodging facilities in various locations around the world including everything from hotels, inns, apartments and vacation rental units through to 5-star luxury resorts, and even tree-houses and igloos. Their website and mobile application are usable in more than 40 different languages and feature more than 28,000,000 listings registered in more than 130,000 destinations in 226 countries and regions, making it the largest accommodation booking site in the world. Japan is ranked 8th in the world in terms of the number of reservations made through Booking.com and is currently attracting attention as the most popular destination country in the world.

It is estimated that the number of overseas visitors to Japan will continue to increase in the future and that the number of repeat visitors will also increase. Most travelers are looking for more special experiences in Japan, so a broader variety of lodging facility types are required.

This partnership will meet the high demand from users around the world and introduce them to unique facilities. In addition, there is a large domestic demand for reservations due to the recent boom in the popularity of temple lodgings, and this partnership will enable these reservations to be made simply and easily through Booking.com.


■The Contents of this Business Partnership

From July 18th, 2018, we will begin listing all facilities listed on “TERAHAKU,” which is operated by WAQOO, on the Booking.com site in a maximum of 43 different languages.

◎Mr. Shinobu Tashiro, Representative for WAQOO Co., Ltd.
“It is extremely pleasing to be able to conclude a partnership with Booking.com upon commencement of “TERAHAKU” services. WAQOO’s “TERAHAKU” provides temples and shrines all across Japan, the essence of traditional Japanese culture, as facilities for lodging and cultural workshops. We are hoping that this will become a major opportunity for more people around the world to become further aware of the charms of Japan through Booking.com, which services more than 220 countries and regions in 43 different languages.”

◎Mr. Adam Brownstein, Booking.com’s Regional Director for North Asia and Japan
“I am very pleased that we were able to conclude this partnership on TERAHAKU with WAQOO. I believe that enabling visitors to Japan from all over the world as well as domestic customers to use our services by being able to add 100 unique facilities that can only be experienced in Japan to the Booking.com site enable us to further communicate the charms of Japan to the world. Upon commencement, it will also be possible to stay at a sub-temple, newly developed by WAQOO, located in Shiga Prefecture within the precincts of Mii-dera (Onjō-ji), which boasts 1,300 years of history. It is a wonderful facility that features state of the art equipment within its ancient atmosphere. I believe that both domestic and overseas customers are sure to enjoy the facility.”

*Sub-temple located within the precincts of Mii-dera (Onjō-ji)
Bookable through Booking.com from July 18th.

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[Booking.com in Japan]
Booking.com established its first Japanese office in 2009 in Shibuya. Currently, more than 350 employees work at offices within Japan, and more than 200 of these are in-house customer service staff members. The company operates six offices in Japan (two locations in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Sapporo and Okinawa). It is now possible to book more than 20,000 lodging facilities in the country (as of February 2018).

[About Booking.com]
Booking.com was established in Amsterdam in 1996, and it grew from a small Dutch start-up venture into the world’s largest online accommodation booking site. Booking.com, which is a part of Booking Holdings (NASDAQ: BKNG), currently has more than 17,000 employees with 198 offices in 70 countries around the world. The company considers its mission to be enabling the citizens of the world to experience the world, and it incorporates state of the art technologies to make it easier to travel. Booking.com provides the largest number of lodging facilities in the world, from apartments and family-operated bed-and-breakfast style facilities through to 5-star luxury resorts, tree-houses and even igloos. Booking.com’s website and mobile app are usable in 43 different languages, and based on reports, provide 27 million lodging rooms around the world in more than 130,000 cities in 227 countries and regions. Every day, more than 1.5 million rooms are booked, and customers can receive support in 43 different languages at any time 24-hours a day. Through Booking.com, it is possible to easily book ideal lodging facilities free of charge for business, pleasure or any other purpose.

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